La Boite de Meditation, The Meditation Box, Mala, Malabeads, Singing Bowl, Bol tibetain, Ganesh, Mala Brahma

120 €

The practice of meditation is a blessing that we are eager to share, so we are proud to present our first meditation box.

Awaken your mind with these wonderful, easy-to-use tools that will help you reach a deeper state of awareness and well-being.


This meditation kit includes:

- A singing bowl "Shiva" or "Parvati » (to choose), with its black cotton cushion and its wooden mallet with black leather on one end.

- A traditional rudraksha mala (color of choice) for the practice of japa meditation.

- A meditation crystal (to choose) for different works on the chakras, to help concentrate and to harmonize one's environment.

- A 5 cm brass Ganesha statuette. 

- A 10 cm white sage stick to purify one's environment and objects of meditation.