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You are trying to choose the mala which will be best suited for you but do not know where to begin?

This is a wonderful process and we are here to help you.


It is important to know that a mala, besides being a beautiful piece of jewellery, can represent something different for each one of us. It can be an instrument to meditate with; have a special meaning; be an object which inspires us; be the source of a wonderful feeling... anything as long as it is something personal.

Although there is no wrong way to choose a mala, here are some questions you may ask yourself which can help you make your choice.


1) What attracts you?


One says that the mala by which you are first attracted to is the one for you.

It is sometimes as simple as that. Do not resist what seems to be the easy option because it is sometimes important to go where your heart leads you. Once you have set your heart on a mala, be curious and read the properties of the gemstones used. 


2) What are you looking for?


All our malas carry within them certain properties.

When looking at the various gemstones, we recommend you ask yourself such questions as " What am I looking for in my everyday life? More peace? More clarity of mind? More strength? ".

Each gemstone has its own properties and benefits. More about it here.


3) Will you be meditating with it?


Will you use your mala to meditate? Or will you simply use it as a reminder of your priorities and goals in life? 

It can be used for both.


If you are looking for one to meditate with, that’s fantastic! The malas in our "Traditional" collection are knotted by hand between each pearl to help practice « japa ». More about it here.


True to the tradition, all our malas have 108 or 216 pearls. We recommend  beginners to start with 108 pearls for their initiation.

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