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A mala is traditionally a necklace, but it is more than a beautiful piece of jewelery, and can be compared to a rosary. Worn as a bracelet or around the neck, the mala has been an instrument of prayer and meditation for thousands of years by Buddhist, Hindu and spiritual seekers.

It is usually composed of 108 beads (made out of wood, seeds, or stones) : an additional bead connects the whole necklace to the tassel. Read the article on the anatomy of a mala.

It is used in japa meditation to structure one's practice and to count the mantras and the breaths.
It can also be used as a good luck charm or as a reminder of an intention or feeling.

Created more than 3,000 years ago, the mala has its roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, meditation and yoga. The term "Mala" is a Sanskrit word meaning "garland".

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