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It is the stone of vitality, serenity and joy of living.


Carnelian is a warm and positive stone. It helps banish states of sadness. It dispels apathy, restores optimism and gives courage to move forward. It is a happy stone that helps regain the joy of living and accept life as it comes.


Unlike most red stones, carnelian is a soothing stone. Indeed, it calms overly emotional people and protects against feelings of anger, envy, jealousy or resentment, whether they come from within us or from someone else.


Carnelian is also the stone of vitality and dynamism: it is spontaneous. It helps have faith in oneself, encourages creativity, motivates to take on new things, and gives the sense of responsibility and independence.


Finally, it is an extremely concrete stone: it absorbs unruly and superfluous thoughts. It helps anchor distracted or dreamy people into reality and the present moment. As a result, it improves concentration, necessary for every day work and is most favourable for meditation.

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